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Seed Starts: Spinach and Sweet Potatoes

Spinach seeds sprouting and ready for seedling mix at Polsgrove Hill Farm.
Spinach Seeds Just Starting to Sprout

Time to take the spinach seeds out of the fridge and get them planted in trays. Somehow, two of the four varieties sprouted while in the refrigerator. That was unexpected. Equinox and Sunangel sprouted and Bloomsdale and Space showed signs of softening up. Hopefully all four varieties pop out through the perlite in a day or two.

Sweet potato tubers in seedling mix at Polsgrove Hill Farm.
Sweet Potatoes in the Propagation Chamber

Our two varieties of sweet potatoes were pulled out of storage and given a 3% hydrogen peroxide bath before hitting the seedling mix. Some of these tubers already had tiny sprouts poking out of their ends. Shouldn't take long for them to start growing.

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