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Plum River Pugilists

Updated: Feb 18, 2023

While a location by the name of Polsgrove appears on the map, not much remains of this ghost town where the Old Galena Trail crosses the Plum River.

Two miles northeast of the farm, as the crow flies, Polsgrove, IL lay in ruins. Whatever didn't burn down presumably can be found under soil deposits left by the many floods over the years.

The Book Carroll County... a goodly heritage by E. George Thiem

According to the book 'Carroll County... a goodly heritage' by E. George Thiem Sesquicentennial Edition published in 1968, Polsgrove once supported a grist mill, post office, general store, saw mill, shoe shop, church, saloon, and two schools.

Additional research on mentions Samuel Yontz's dam and mill changing hands before being sold to Captain Abraham Polsgrove in 1855.

By 1893 Polsgrove had met its demise. Still, passerbys on Old Galena Trail near the former mill site were wise to hasten their step as not to be relieved of their possessions by the 'lawless horde of barbarians' roaming the area. If after visiting Polsgrove Hill Farm you head northeast, don't dawdle and hide the booze from the country boys known as the Plum River Pugilists.

*The indigenous peoples of the area were not described in detail, or with much regards, in these early accounts of Woodland Township.

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